Top 5 Ways Business Matchmaking Software Simplifies Your Events

Networking is one of the top reasons why people attend events. As an event organizer, you have to ensure that your event gives enough opportunities to your attendees to break the ice and be comfortable in a room full of what we call “strangers with opportunities”. But organizing events can be a pain if done manually. There is more than meets the eye as what appears to be a seemingly simple task has many aspects associated with it. So, the question is: how can you enhance networking opportunities at events? Does technology like business matchmaking software actually work? Will it actually ease things out or be another problem in your already stressful life? These are some of the answers we will try to address in this blog and tell you why your events and attendees need a matchmaking app!

Reduces the stress of facilitating networking

Event planning is the fifth most stressful job, with so much to do in such little time. Don’t let your planning efforts go down the drain by not providing enough networking opportunities to your attendees. Icebreakers or a breakout area – these may or may not work! Planning such activities is like taking a shot in the dark – your attendees don’t know each other and may or may not click on the event floor.
On the contrary, technology like business matchmaking apps gives attendees a fair idea of the type of people attending your events and give them a reason to connect with people even before your events begins. It acts as an icebreaker and is the simplest way to get your audience connected and socialize. With business matchmaking apps taking care of networking, you can focus on other aspects of event planning.

Improves event satisfaction with pre-engagement

Pre-engagement is critical for the success of your event. Building a community even before your event starts is a good way to ensure your attendees are excited about your event and don’t ghost on you. In order to avoid radio silence before your events, use business matchmaking software to disburse event-related content. There is so much information to be shared – from the floor map, speakers, destination attractions, to the exhibitors coming, products offered and the exciting opportunities awaiting the guests.
Business matchmaking software creates a community that allows attendees to know each other, discuss the event and schedule meetings on the day of the event. It allows your attendees to browse the potential matches and see what they have to offer each other.

Collects valuable and insightful data

Data is a gold mine. With the right data, you can optimize your event and fix the problem areas. It can be absolutely critical to prove your ROI and see if you have achieved your event goals.
With technology such as business matchmaking, you can get data on how your attendees are networking and their interests. You can see how many meetings they booked and what interested them the most at the event. With such data, you can easily analyze how effective your event was and if there is any scope for improving networking. Get insights into when people networked the most, the most popular interests and overall feedback of your event.

Improves the overall attendee experience at events

Business matchmaking apps are most than just scheduling meetings. They also help you enhance the overall attendee experience at your event. It allows your attendees to plan their day better and navigate seamlessly through the venue. By adding your event schedule, you can give them an idea about the free time they have to network. They can also use the floor plan to see which exhibitor is where and what products/services they are offering.
All this eliminates the need for printing event-related content, which is a win-win for you and your attendees. While you save a ton of cost on printing, your attendees don’t have to carry the bulk of paper back home. And oh, needless to remind that going paperless is the right thing to do for preserving our environment.

Improves the quality of meetings

When you have a huge number of people attending your event, chances are they might not find the right person who can help them solve their pain points. You may find several lost souls on the event floor wandering aimlessly just because they cannot find the right match. This is not a pleasant situation and certainly not a great sight to view as an event planner.
With a business matchmaking app, the quality of networking certainly skyrockets! It ensures that everyone is engaged at events and apprehensions of people are taken care of. It brings value to people and reduces time spent on finding the right matches. It turns the “maybe” matches into a definite “yes” match. With a detailed list of top matches, your audience can cherrypick the right and best fit and have important meetings with them. It will make your attendees feel empowered, making them your event advocate! And these attendees will definitely return to your event, should you plan to do it next year.


Business matchmaking software is an event essential for events of all shapes and sizes. It is the perfect tool to manage relationships, ensuring you keep your existing clients happy and add more logos to your portfolio! And well, you will keep your attendees happy, empowered and satisfied.